Only 3 kilometers from the Hotel Retterath!

The Nuerburgring is the longest permanent race track in the world and is located in the beautiful Eifel, just 3 kilometers from our hotel. The Nueburgring was named after the Nuerburg and was inaugurated in June 1927.

In 1984 the Grand Prix circuit was opened on the Suedschleife and connected to the Nordschleife. Overall, the route with its sections is around 26 kilometers long, but in races such as the VLN race or the 24-hour race, this is used in a modified and partially shortened form.

As part of a project, a leisure center and the Eifeldorf “Green Hell” were built in 2009.

To date, various great motorsport events take place at the Nuerburgring, such as the 24-hour race or the VLN race. Music, e-sports and sporting events are also taking place increasingly, such as Rock am Ring, Rad am Ring etc.

During the “tourist rides” fans of the Nuerburgring can drive on the race track, either with their own or rented vehicles or have them chauffeured over the race track in one of the ring taxis.

Our services for fans und teams

We offer the following services especially made for our Nuerburgring fans and teams:

We offer the option of depositing tickets for your guests and receiving goods. For the Track Day and tourist drivers, we have a service station, storage boxes and storage space for trailers. We also offer a bread delivery service for team catering.

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